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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Water Restrictions impact Monroe, Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties

Think Xeriscape!.... a type of landscaping that requires the designer to work with micro-climates to design a sustainable easy to care for landscape, utilizing native plant materials and sound landscape practices. Emphasizing a drought-tolerant plant selection with limited turf areas is an old concept that is gaining well deserved popularity.

Xeriscape is a registered trade-mark of the National Xeriscape Council, a non-profit organization, located in Austin, Texas who's main purpose is water  conservation.  As of March 26, 2011 South Florida is under mandated water restrictions, further emphasizing the need for this type of landscape.

At Total Landscape Concepts, Inc. our designers are expert at efficiently designing sustainable landscapes, applying the principles  proper Xeriscape, while executing a colorful, lower maintenance landscape plan. Particular attention is paid to utilizing native and drought tolerant plants and trees.  We effectively combine plant materials with special attention to existing micro-climates, including sun exposure and topography.

Another important rule in proper Xeriscape is efficient irrigation design where strict attention is paid to the irrigation needs of the plants and trees, using the most effective irrigation products and technologies available. We creatively group plants and trees according to specific water needs and requirements. Through this design process we are able to limit the amount of turf in the landscape, opting for ground covers and plant materials instead of thirsty turf. 

Finally, combining organic mulches not only insures moisture retention throughout the landscape, but also provides a much needed source of nutrients as it decays.
Among the benefits of Xeriscape is lower maintenance requirements and the peace of mind that you are not only saving money by lowering the amount of resources it takes to provide a beautiful landscape, but also doing your part for conservation.

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